Storm Petrel Wrestling

We are proud to announce that our dear friend Sasha has opened a wrestling school for young men, including orphans from our city here in Irkutsk. Sasha is a former champion of Russia in Greco-Roman wrestling. He has a real heart for children, not just for their physical development, but for character and spiritual development as well. He has dreamed of opening up a wrestling school to influence young orphans, show them their value and push them to avoid the pitfall most orphans succumb to. This is truly a unique program; most orphans here never have an opportunity to participate in sports or learn from a qualified coach. There is a gaping need in Russia for people who will mentor orphans. Without some love, instruction and discipline, our orphans are destined for crime, drugs or prostitution. Ninety percent of orphans in Russia fall directly into crime upon leaving orphanages.

 Several years ago, Sasha had an opportunity to coach at a local orphanage. Within the year he had several wrestlers place in local tournaments. We look for similar successes from his new school he has christened “Storm Petral” which literally means “announcer of the storm” in Russian, the idea being that this school will prepare kids for the storms of life. Congratulations Sasha!  We look forward to partnering with you in the development of these young men. There will be periodic updates on Sasha and the progress of his kids here on our blog.

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