Buryatia by Russia Today

 (Part 1)

As part of their “Faces of Russia” series, Russia Today has filmed a fascinating episode in Buryatia. It covers both Buryat and Soyot* culture, and reveals some of the amazing natural sites of our part of Siberia. Apart from the poor pronunciation of place names, it really does a good job of conveying the spiritual atmosphere of Buryatia.

*The Soyot are a people Native to the southern part of Buryatia. They are one of several reindeer herding people who live in south-central Siberia.

  (Part 2)

6 thoughts on “Buryatia by Russia Today

  1. Thanks for the fascinating post. As a native Korean, it’s interesting to me why Russia Today has chosen to use a traditional Korean song called “Arirang” as the background music of these videos. Was it a mistake or do the Buryats sing this song as well? The former case would be a shame while the latter would be truly fascinating, suggesting some kind of tie between the Buryats and Koreans in ancient times.

    • Woongki Ahn, Well, I am sure that Russian Today was just looking for some “Asian” style music for this story, and they thought that song would do the trick. BUT, having said that, there is a connection between the Buryat and Koreans. Genetically they are very close. My wife who is Buryat, often gets mistaken for being Korean. Check these links out: http://www.iacd.or.kr/pdf/journal/11/11_9.pdf and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed While the foods the Buryat eat differ greatly from Korean, there certainly are similarities in dress and culture, especially respect of elders.

      • Thanks for your reply. The first article you sent me was written by a long-time acquaintance of mine, Mr. Choi, so it was very nice bumping into his name after a while. : ) I, too, noticed that the Buryats look very much like us Koreans. I figure that it’s because of the common Mongolian root we share. This makes me want to visit Buryatia all the more. Hopefully soon! Thanks again for a great blog!

        • Well, come on out! We would love to see you here! Have you done a lot of traveling? Have you been to Russia before? Lake Baikal itself is totally worth the trip. Buryatia is an amazingly beautiful place, Ulan-Ude is a mixture of fine buildings and great culture, but it does have it’s down side. Parts of it are dirty, and a lot of the city is poor. That is the reality of Siberia. I for one, would love to visit Korea, and learn more about her history, and see some historical, cultural and natural settings. Someday I hope to make it.

          Blessings to you, Alex

          • I’ve been to Russia only once but that time didn’t make it to Siberia. After I polish up my rusty Russian and save up enough money, I will definitely visit Buryatia. Thank you for your invitation, and I also extend mine to you to visit Korea one day!

            Blessings to you as well and may God be with you in all your endeavors there!


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