Siberian Pineapple

The sign says: "Pineapple, very tasty, 30 rubles each".

With temperatures hovering well south of zero, street vendors find creative ways to sell their products. While most of us would be home shivering under a blanket, Siberians put on fur and go about their business. If you sell produce outside, you take some hot tea, and you stand in the cold all day!

Fruit vendors bundled against the frost. Note both customers are wearing reindeer hide boots.

Now I’ve seen frozen fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat all unpackaged hunks of ice waiting to be chunked into any bag you’ve got handy, but yesterday was the first time I’ve encountered frozen pineapple for sale!
Pineapple and Siberia, have those two words ever been uttered out loud together? Until recently Siberians believed pineapples were a hoax, conceived by rich Russian vacationers to make them jealous. (Untrue, I made that last part up.)
Frozen pineapples lined up at a booth was too much for me, I broke into laughter! Noting my interest, the sales lady leveled her considerable business acumen at me with a “how many are you going to buy?” At a dollar a piece, how could I refuse? I did however refuse her offer on frozen kiwi. I don’t think my body could handle the right-left combination of pineapple-kiwi in Siberia. I paid up and stashed my prize in a backpack.

A cheery lady selling loverly frozen tropical pineapples.

Later Yulia and I staged an impromptu photo session to express the joy of discovery. Look for a photo exhibit coming soon to your town, entitled: “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

A whiff of the sweet stranger.

A "Resevoir Dogsesque" saunter. I know, the pineapple makes me look TOUGH!

"Look! Siberian pineapples do grow on trees!"

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