Redeeming Masha’s* Fate

Wednesday night Yulia and I took part in a Buryat home group meeting. (Christian fellowship). We enjoyed the spirit of unity we immediately sensed with the Buryat believers, most of whom we did not know. Cup after cup of tea went down amidst laughter, and a discussion on the practical side of living as a believer and Buryat here in Ulan-Ude.
Masha, a young lady who recently asked Jesus into her life, related some difficulties to us. Upon Masha’s birth, she stopped breathing, and died. Her parents got a hold of two Shamans, who came and were able to revive Masha. Because of this strange birth, and because among elder generations of Masha’s family there were Shamans, Masha herself was expected to be a Shaman.Recently, Masha has been sick. It is very typical for people who are supposed to become Shamans to get sick if they are refusing their “destiny”. They begin to see strange visions, spirits, and generally suffer from different sicknesses until they give in and become a Shaman. People have been known to die, if they continue in their refusal.

Because of this, Masha’s parents are beside themselves with worry and have been trying to force her to become a Shaman. They are afraid if she doesn’t obey, the spirits will kill her. Last year Masha’s cousin died, and her family has taken this as a warning that the spirits are going to punish Masha for refusing to obey. Join us in prayer for Masha’s health and protection.

*Not her real name.

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