Happy Fifth Birthday David!

Yesterday was David's fifth happy birthday!

Happy Birthday David! Rita (David’s mom), Gillian, Luki, and I celebrated with David yesterday. It was a fun break from speech and language work. David is doing well and his speech after a week and a half or so is clearer, when he focuses on making the proper sounds.

Licking frosting from undercarriages!

Our menu was pizza, cake and ice-cream. Yes! David provided the evenings music, he has learned two cords on the guitar. Luki, David and I played a rousing, if confusing game of battleship. No ships were sunk. Robots and Spiderman apparel were unwrapped and greeted with proper childish excitement. Look out David! Here comes year number six!

A round of absolutely non-lethal battleship.

Banging out chords with a smile.


David Speaks

Gillian and David count together.

Here in Ulaanbaatar, one of my sister’s fellow English teachers is also a Speech therapist. When she found out I would be stuck in Mongolia until the end of March, she asked if I would do speech therapy with a four-year old Mongolian boy who was adopted a year and a half ago by an American doctor here. He had a cleft pallet, and has already had three surgeries to repair it. I thought that would be a fine thing to do, and so, David and I meet everyday! David is a very hard worker. We do speech drills intermingled with games to keep things lively. We practice making s, sh, g, k, t, and th sounds together. It is difficult, but David is a real trooper. He likes things orderly, so I always draw up a plan, which he can then cross out as we finish each part! Sometimes he gets stickers for his hard work. Picking stickers is serious business, David takes his time and studiously examines the stickers finding just the right one. David makes progress everyday. He is a blessing for me, giving me the opportunity to serve someone each day.

Four grrrrreen cattsss in the bag!

The fish game is our favorite! It helps properly form sounds.

The very serious business of sticker selection.