Gagarin on Wintersong

February is Wintersong month on Transform Siberia. I am playing music to take your winter blues away.

Yuri Gagarin, first man in space. Most cities in Russia have a street named for him. I take Gagarin street into the city center everyday.

This video has dancing cosmonauts! What could possibly be better? Your winter has just been made, you’re welcome.

6 thoughts on “Gagarin on Wintersong

  1. I remember as though it was yesterday when Yuri Gagarin became the world’s first space astronaut, and I even remember how dog Leika made it into space, too, so she was the first dog astronaut…!!!

      • Indeed, it was, and I also remember how photos of Gagarin were made in tens of thousands and people bought them, framed them and put them on their living room’s walls. Some carried them in their pockets. It was what I would call a “Yuri Gagarin Mania”, and it was great. He also is very handsome, not just smart, so women were set on fire, the fire of passion and desire!

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