Irkutsk: Paris of Siberia

Winter sunset, Irkutsk, Siberia

Pervomaiski region of Irkutsk. This scene continuously reverberates inside my head as a city on the very edge of the earth. Probably not what you expect from the Paris of Siberia, but striking all the same.

The Paris of Siberia, that is Irkutsk. I wrote on the wonders of Irkutsk several years back, it is worth a read. Here are some beautiful photos of the city who rests on the banks of the blue Angara river.

Orthodox church in Irkutsk.

A lovely vision off the beaten path.


6 thoughts on “Irkutsk: Paris of Siberia

  1. Speaking of Irkutsz,
    I once, perhaps before you were born, a pen friend of a young woman living in the Paris of Siberia. I sent here Levi jeans and she sent me a book of Russian folk tales, actually fairly modern authored. We were planning to meet in the Moscow *not Sochi) Olympics. However that was still a year or two away. Beautiful stationary. Long letters about….nothing much, but just enough to fuel my imagination. But unlike you I didn’t have the charm of red hair..

  2. Oh I want to type what few words I know in Russian, but I cant use the keyboard. It would take me ten minutes to type 1 sentence. So, I will come here often. I am studying Russian by myself online to prepare for a 1 month class in Vladivostok in Feb-March 2015. I knew nothing of Russian in Jan of 2014, and by the end of this year I want to get to lesson 14 in the online course. I am somewhat worried about the cold weather. I have not experienced a month of cold since I was a youth in the USA. So I am wondering how to adjust to the situation. Maybe I will need to eat a lot more high calorie foods?

    • Yes, you should. When you find out what Salo is, then you should eat it once or twice a week when it is cold.

      • 1. Ok, lard, gulp, My mother used to use it to fry other stuff I think. So, is there some seasoning? Something spicy, I hope. there is no kitchen for those sharing a room. there is a refridgerator,, and a canteen to buy prepared food. I am not poor but I want to only spend money on the most important things. So I want to know what kind of foods I should bring, and what to buy in Vladivostok. I wonder if salo can be boiled together in instant soup mixes?

        2. I am wondering about clothing. I will be living in a student dorm. I assume that it will have a minimum of heating and that I should wear something especially to keep my feet warm and head warm. I am a fairly skinny person now days.

        3. I tried to find out what Feb. and March were like last 2 year buts I was surprised. I couldn’t learn the temperature ranges in Vladivostok for Feb. March 2014!!!

        • OK, yes student dorms sometimes are a bit chilly. Bring a good blanket. I would just have a comfortable wool hat and wool socks and you’ll be fine in the dorm. Also, good long underwear is key. Two pairs, so you can wash one and wear the other. Salo is seasoned, often with garlic, or other spices. Making it into soup? I suppose you could. You should have no problem getting dried ramen type of noodles. I would do my best to survive on the fare they feed you. It should be OK. Here is something you need to know. Smechta. Smechta is a medicine you can get at any pharmacy that will help if you get sick from what you eat. Very good medicine. Where do you live right now?


          • Hi, I llve in a town north of Tokyo about 1 .5 hrs. by train. I suppose the weather is similar to, or slightly warmer than what I remember of North Georgia, South Carolina, Tenn. before Global Warming. I am probably stressed right now worrying because I am under pressure to get my students marks done and recorded at the various univ. I work at. Always this time of year is this way. I have slightly less than 400 students.

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