Diana of the Orphans

We were able to get back to the orphanage where we put on the Christmas puppet show pageant. It has been under quarantine for flu, and then chickenpox since early January. The kids were so excited to see us, and they clambered about me insisting on being spun in the air multiple times. I spun until I nearly fell several times. You could see that all the kids had been sick for some time. They were pale, skinny and still had the healing red bumps of chicken pox. Their gleeful expressions as they spun were priceless. Most of them I gave a good and thorough spin. One little girl struck a ballet pose, and I was transfixed at the beauty of this four-year old girl gracefully spinning through the air. I then picked up Diana. She is such a sweetie, she likes to sit in your lap and take your arms and put them around her. Man she needs some love. When I picked her up, I was shocked at her skinny wrists and was careful not to break her as I spun her around. A number of these children are on the light end of the special needs spectrum, including Diana. They have some physical issues, I am not sure what they are, but they walk stiffly and lack the normal strength of children.

Lovely Diana.

Lovely Diana.

There are many special needs kids in Russia who need to be adopted. Now that citizens of the United States are unable to adopt, I ask for people from other nations to step forward and adopt them. Adoption of special needs kids in Russia is very rare. Special needs kids are rarely seen, they are still kept behind closed doors. If you are considering adopting, please consider Russia.

3 thoughts on “Diana of the Orphans

  1. Liam barely walked when we got him, but he has absolutely no trouble now. Lack of muscle strength and stiff walking could just mean not enough excercise and less than perfect nutrition. It is amazing how fast kids go from failing to thriving once you get them home.

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