Burgers and Booz: Nomadic Paradise

McBuryat's the perfect melding of the classic American burger and the Buryat National treat, booz. It's a meat-eaters paradise!

McBuryat’s: the perfect melding of that classic of American cuisine and the Buryat National treat, booz. It’s a meat-eaters paradise!

I found it! In the 44th quarter of Ulan-Ude, the promise to every American born Buryat of burgers and booz all at one table. The thought is mouth-wateringly tantalizing. That is if you know what booz is. Take a look below and you will see what dances in Buryat dreams instead of sugar plums. And you can bet, with White Month now just days away, lips are already being licked in anticipation.

A plate full of steaming booz. A nomad’s paradise.

Booz done up Buryat style are simple. Ground beef, ground pork, garlic, onions, salt and pepper. Wrapped in dough and steamed, these steppe dumplings are made to fuel a nomads appetite. They are not for the sedentary! If you want fries with them, well, you’d better be heading out to herd some sheep in the -40’s. Only that will keep your belly in check.

7 thoughts on “Burgers and Booz: Nomadic Paradise

    • Quite savory. Sometimes you have grease dripping off your elbows! And I mean grease in the most fabulous and tasty way!

      • I am not surprised the Korean have a version. Do you know what they put in it? I’d bet it is a bit more delicate than the steppe meat-fat IN YOUR FACE version. Genetically Mongolians and Koreans are very close. When were you in Korea?

        • I lived there from 95 – 98 taught first at an academy then graduated to teach university.
          Oh the mandoo is delicate – the pastry is so good and the sausage like meat filling is so good! They also make a soup called MahndewGoo – good good good!
          Jack made a jewelry box for Claudia – beautiful! FYI – we heard he did carvings for you!

          • Oh man, I guess I have got to get to Korea. I have a Korean sister. Well, we are actually just friends, but we liked each other so much that we decided to declare a brother/sister relationship! We met at a training school down in Bakersfield, she didn’t know how to drive, so I took her out into the Mojave, and gave her driving lessons under the stars! Unfortunately, I have never visited her in Korea. Had a couple of near misses. I would love to go, and of course try the Mandoo. In central Asia they also have a very similar dish, only the spices are different. Yum, yum, yum! There are a lot of Central Asians here, so you get a lot of Uzbek and Kirghiz cafe’s, especially in Irkutsk.

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