Wielding the Soup Blade

Meat cutters here in Siberia are ax men. In the back rooms of market places across Russia, lay a carcass on their chopping block, and let the dismemberment begin! In just a bit more than a jiffy, your meat will be hacked into manageable pieces. But that is where the expertise ends. Saran wrap packaging, and orderly displays of varying cuts of meat refrigerated for your shopping convenience are still a thing of the future.

Out here on the steppe where Ghengis Khan road pell-mell, where people still herd animals, what a man needs is a good blade. I’m not talking Cossack saber or Japanese Katana, I’m talking Black and Decker or Bosch.

Lyonya, the blade master.

Lyonya, the blade master.

When a man has a frozen grass eater on his balcony, be it cow, sheep or yak, a circular saw can fill the soup pot up quick. That’s how you do it when your cousin sends you some beef. A word to the wise – your neighbor might not take kindly to a door encrusted with tiny pieces of frozen fat. A bucket of hot soapy water on standby will fix that right up quick!

Have you ever had to clean fat chunks out of your hair?

Have you ever had to clean fat chunks out of your hair?


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