World Wide Siberian Infatuation

No kidding! People all over the world want to know something about Siberia. You should see the list of countries that we get visitors from on our blog. It’s really fun! The top five heavy weights are the US, Mongolia, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. All my favorite. And interestingly, I’ve been to all five of them, if sitting at Heathrow airport for several hours counts. Then we have cool places like these: Brunei Darussalam, Kenya, Iraq, Malawi, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Belarus. I am telling you, people want to know about Siberia!


And we are sending love and rays of appreciation to all of you too!

What do all these people want to know about our lovely huge piece of land that’s super cold in the winter and super hot in the summer? Here’s the top five all time search terms:


Glad to see that buryats made the list. Phew!

Siberian pineapple is a really crazy search term. People the world over want to know what the heck it is. We wrote a story about pineapple (as in tropical fruit) in Siberia, but people want to know about this berry that we call “oblepiha”, which is commonly known as Siberian pineapple in the English speaking world, I guess. It seems we need to write a post about this great berry.

And the last bit of nerd love is top five posts that people have clicked on so far:

Until next time!

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