Sweeter than Ice Cream!

Win the new iPad!

Nothing like frosty ice cream to cure the hot steppe.

Ahhh, the golden days of childhood! Those halcyon days between the ages of four and eight when getting ice cream was your day’s greatest goal. Cold and sweet, good to eat! As long as your ice cream stayed atop the cone, well, then life was ace for those ten elbow-dripping minutes. What could be better?

The Siberian Special!

We have a deal sweeter than ice cream! It’s called the Siberian Special.

The Siberian Special is part of our 10 for 20 fall campaign to raise funds for our work in Siberia. It’s a chance to join with us in transforming lives. It is your chance to win the latest new and shiny iPad 16gb wifi!, a-a-nnnnd send someone to Siberia! If you haven’t had the pleasure of sending someone to Siberia, you’ve been missing out on a great feeling.

In addition, you will also have a chance to win Amazon or iTunes gift cards, or a hardcover photo book of Siberia and the Buryat people. And everyone who contributes to this fundraiser will receive special gifts from us in appreciation of your support.

Here’s how it works:

We have received a $10,000 matching grant! So for every $10.00 we raise, we get $20.00! And now all that is left to do is participate! So follow this link 10 for 20 – to our fundraiser page; learn about your giving options, and make a difference in Siberia as you take part in our Siberian Special. If you’re feeling saucy, you can donate right from here!

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