Siberia Comes to Bozeman!

Smiling Buryat Grandma

Rockford Coffee at Main and Rouse in Bozeman. (iPod photo.)

Driving past Rockford Coffee on Main and Rouse in Bozeman, you might have heard the stomp of horses hooves, seen a flash of silken brocade in the sunlight or possibly even pulled over lame, with a nomad’s arrow in your Bridgestones! “Now just what the heck is going on?” you might think to yourself. Well I’ll tell you. Siberia has come to Bozeman. The color, spirit and feistiness of the Buryat people, the northern most Mongol group are on display. From the walls of Rockford, the Buryat people, native to central Siberia, dance, wrestle, ride and shoot their arrows across the steppe.

Boys in Blue.

And Alex is here with them! I will be hosting an artist’s reception for “Siberia’s Pearls: the Colorful Buryat People” on February 12th, Sunday from 1 to 3 pm at Rockford Coffee, on the corner of Main and Rouse. If you my friend are in the Bozeman area, then come on out and experience the color, warmth and wonder of Siberia and her Buryat denizens.

A Hypnotic Hullabaloo

"Siberia's Pearls: the Colorful Buryat People" photography show. (iPod photo.)

2 thoughts on “Siberia Comes to Bozeman!

    • Hey Artur, you know I love the Buryat people! It is my goal that more many more people know who the Buryat are, and about Siberia, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Blessings to you Brother!

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