Autumn has Fallen

Autumn has fallen on Irkutsk. Golden leaves, powder blue skies and a bite in the air all signal us to “hold on to our hats, cause it’s about to get wicked cold up in this town!'” Behold the evidence of which I speak:

The Fall of faith.

Fall is beautiful in Irkutsk, especially when the Larch trees turn gold in the midst of their green cedar neighbors of the taiga. Stunning! You should come out to Irkutsk for an Siberian Autumn promenade. The aroma of fallen sun baked leaves is nearly the same world over, but scientifically proven to smell best in Siberia! (Yes, yes, I am the scientist, and my instrument of proof is my nose!)

A sky full of leaves.

These shots are taken from my iPod, while out grocery shopping.

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