An Artist Meets the Artist

Dima, a budding young artist with talent in abundance made his way to our sports camp. He is an open young man, and shared with me his student life experiences thus far. As is par for young students, Dima had plenty of experience in the bottom of a bottle. After a number of those experiences, he told me he didn’t see the point anymore, and was eager for something real. After several days at our camp he told me “I see that God is real, and I want to meet him. Only, I want to go all in, I don’t want to hold anything back from him.” Dima had heard at our camp that God was always ready to listen to someone who honestly opened his heart up to him. Dima told me, “I will prepare my heart, and tomorrow tell God everything.” The next evening at a campfire on the banks of the Angara, Dima approached me and said, “God and I met, and it was like nothing I have ever felt before. My heart is filled with peace! I am extatic!” As is I AM, Dima, as is I AM.

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