Katya Sees the Light

Katya was the "Top Female Basketballer" of our camp!
Katya was the “Top Female Basketballer” of our camp!

At the lunch table in cafeteria at our church’s annual sports camp, Katya told me about her life. She is from Angarsk, a city of 230,000, a hop, skip and a jump down the Angara river from Irkutsk. It had been a tough year for her. Most of her friends had moved away, and she had gotten in a fight with her last remaining friend in town. She told me how she would go home from school and sit alone in her flat. She was sad, and lonely, so, Katya came to our camp looking for new friends. Katya and I talked about a friend who will never forsake you, who will always be there for her. She seemed keen to meet that friend.

Two days later when I greeted Katya at our morning calisthenics, I noticed a new light in her eyes! Later that day I asked her, “Katya, your face is shining, have you met a new friend?” “Yes!, she beamed, and I am very happy!”

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