Nomads in the City

From time to time in UB (Ulaanbaatar), camera in hand, I hit the streets to catch a glimpse of nomads in the city. I always have interesting conversations with the people I photo, even if we don’t understand one another! Here are some captured images of Mongols, a cheery and beautiful people. I’ll be adding portraits to this post from time to time. So come back for a taste of contemporary Mongolia!

This man didn't speak any English, but he gave me a hug!

Nobody does gold like the Mongols. Add a dapper cap, and you are smooth, steppe style!

Chili, saffron and curry. Our Monk looks like he got dressed in a spice cabinet!

Note the sleeves of his jacket cover his hands - eliminates the needs for mittens.

The Ladies of Tsaagan Alt, producers of the world's greatest slippers.

Back in the Mongolian day kids strapped rib bones to their feet and shot down frozen steppe rivers.

The boys at "American Burger" flip a mean slab of meat. It really was just what the doctor ordered.

Gentleman nomad.

Gentlemen nomad.

Always ready to saddle up!

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