Our home in Irkutsk

We moved into our rental apartment in mid-July. Our landlord is a young man from our church who is now in the States getting his Master’s at a university in New York. He is really smart. We live on the top floor of a five-story red brick building. There are two other apartments on our floor. The apartment has one bedroom, a spacious entry and a main room, a kitchen area, one full bathroom, and a half bathroom with a toilet and no sink.  It is an unusual arrangement to have more than one bathroom in a Russian apartment. The predominant color of our place is in the orange palate, and that includes the color of the water as well…

Our door is on the left. The two tone paint scheme is typical to Russian residential and administrative buildings.

Entry hall. The ironing board sometimes doubles as our office :)

Two bathroom doors...

Main room. No couch...

The bedroom. This room was completely furnished. We brought our own bed frame and a rug.

Kitchen on dictionary.com is defined as "a room equipped for cooking." So, this space is our "potential kitchen".

The pride of the room.

This ain't good.

The water isn’t this color all the time. In all of our time living in Russia we’ve never seen water like that. We filter water for drinking and cooking. Hopefully, the situation will improve soon.

6 thoughts on “Our home in Irkutsk

  1. Hey you adventurous do-gooders….we are hoping that things are working out well and that you are making good progress with addressing the many needs you face. Just a bit of advice for you…DON’T DRINK THE WATER!! Thinking of you….Robert, Kathy, Matthew and Sam :)

    • Thanks Robert! Send our love to the whole family. Your advice was great, but late. I already drank the water. Iiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! We are in Montana right now, I will be in to visit soon!

  2. Beautiful place! what amazing smooth walls and floors. And big rooms! But tell us, what part of the city is it in? I still imagine you next door to us!

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