Yulia’s Father

My dad is out of the hospital. He was in for a laparoscopic surgery to remove three polyps out of his colon and for more tests. His explanation of the test results were not very clear to me. I need to explain our medical system here in Russia. From the Soviet days the doctors here have a strange way of handling patients. They don’t always explain what exactly is going on with them, and often don’t even tell them the diagnosis, especially if it’s something serious like cancer. Oftentimes it’s the relatives that hear the bad news first. I don’t know why things are this way, it certainly is strange and very hard on everyone.

I just hope that my father’s colon cancer isn’t back, and that the doctor was able to remove all of the polyps out of his system. A couple of months ago I was preparing myself for the worst, and trying to spend more time with my dad. I am glad to see some improvement in his health and physical appearance. But is the man ever cranky! He doesn’t like talking about his health, and doesn’t want the extra attention everyone is trying to give him.

One thought on “Yulia’s Father

  1. Yula, he may just really enjoy talking about what things were like when you were little, telling you about things he did, saw, with your being able to relive some special times he’s never talked much about before. This is good emotional health for him and for you. My siblings and I do this often and it is so refreshing as we each remember different things and how things happened. we laugh and I even want to write some of them down for memory sake. If he will let you read some of the Bible to him, like some of the psalms or the Gospel of John or Luke just because this is now your life. Even if you don’t talk much about it later. I pray for you just some fun times with him, the Lord will take care of him physically where you cannot. Love u, diana

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