Touch Down Siberia: A Cold Reception

Our overnight flight on the lime green jet-liner ended a week ago today. After luggage retrieval, we were chauffeured by friends to our temporary residence on Fourth Soviet street. It has taken us virtually a week to regain connection with the outside world. Just getting our computer on the Internet took Yulia several days of calling a help site, scowling at the computer and trying different combinations in the network settings to finally establish that golden connection.

Upon arrival we discovered the phone company had shut off the phone in the flat. We got the land line back in action, now we trying to establish cell service. That is a tricky deal, because you need to be registered in the city, which means you need a permanent place of residence, something we lack. Luckily we have friends who are registered, and can buy one for us. It is hard to do anything in Russia without the help of good friends!

The warm and giving hearts of friends new and old have more than made up for the weather.  March 4th, 5th and 6th were all in the -30’s, pleasing me (Alex) greatly as I love very cold weather. Trying to capture the city in photo, wrapped in its icy spell was not easy, it is often hard to tell how cold it is in a photograph, but I think I managed in the photo below.

Good, cold Irkutsk morning.


One thought on “Touch Down Siberia: A Cold Reception

  1. Just checked you blog and so good to read whats happening. Prayed with friends from UU yesterday and for you all. Igor and Tim and Iris have been discussing plans for a SP meeting again this year. Assume you have thier email addresses. I couldn’t read Igor’s anyway but thankful for L’s.

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