Not Letting Visa Stress Bring Us Down

Getting a visa to Russia is usually a stress-filled process. And it’s not being different this time around. Alex and I were trying to fill out a visa application on the Russian consulate website, and the website was not working properly. After our patience had been tested thoroughly, Alex had to fill out a paper application. When we were at the post office trying to mail all the documents to Seattle, the post office wouldn’t accept our credit card. So we had to drive all the way back home to get our checkbook.

I must be fair and point out the positives in this process:

  • the fact that it is possible to apply for a Russian visa online
  • Alex didn’t have to apply for his visa in person
  • there’s Express shipping at the USPS
  • we can track our packages online and know exactly when we are going to get one back

So, now we are waiting for Alex’s passport to be shipped back to us. We hope and pray that it comes by the end of next week.

4 thoughts on “Not Letting Visa Stress Bring Us Down

  1. I heard the Russian Duma is debating a bill that would simplify visa application procedures for foreign spouses of Russian citizens. Hope they adopt this law soon!

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