Miracles happen.

We are all set to leave for Siberia on the 26th of February. It is finally happening! Yay! We are looking forward to seeing Yulia’s family, meeting our nephew, seeing how much our niece has grown, reuniting with our friends again.

Our original departure date, the end of January, has come and gone. The only consolation for us was the fact that we could spend some more time with Alex’s family and our friends. Of course, we would prefer to have left a long time ago, but there is a fullness of time for everything. So, we will be leaving Bozeman early on the 26th, will arrive in Moscow  at 10 o’clock in the morning on the 27th. There we will spend two nights before we board our plane to Irkutsk on the 1st of March.

While in Moscow we will need to go to a post office and mail some of our stuff, because it will be much cheaper to do that than pay $15 dollars for every extra kilogram of overweight luggage. And it will be very easy to go overweight on the Siberia Airlines because they only allow 44 pounds per person. So, we are trying to be as economical as possible.

Yesterday Alex mailed his documents to the Russian Consulate in Seattle to apply for a Russian visa. We should get his passport back late next week.  So, Alex is on the visa wagon again…

2 thoughts on “Miracles happen.

    • Yes, Alex does need an invitation, Diana. This time he is coming on a tourist visa, which is only one month long. When it runs out, Alex will be applying for a private visitor’s visa. You will be hearing a lot more about visas in the next few months. Thank you for praying for us. It’s a big blessing!

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