Turning a Non-Profit

We have made a new friend who has a lot of experience starting non-profit organizations. She has agreed to assist us in submitting all the paperwork and help search for funding. The first steps to starting a non-profit are setting up a board,  incorporating and getting an Employee Identification Number. This is what will keep us occupied over the next couple months, and is something that we can be working on even as we head back over to the Big Country, Russia.

As our plans for work in Siberia take shape, we have come to realize that the next step in seeing our vision come to fruition is founding an organization whose sole purpose is to pursue that vision. The whole process for getting a non-profit up and running can take up to a year.  Until that time comes when we are up and running, we will continue to work through our church, First Baptist, to whom we are thankful for their help and support as we pursue what God is calling us to.

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