Sugar, Coffee, and Bananagrams.

Here’s a somewhat tardy menu and report on the coffee tasting we hosted last Saturday.

We made so many different types of dessert. Definitely had not spent so much time in the kitchen before. It was all good though, a very good learning experience making things we normally wouldn’t have.

So, we made:

  • 5 loaves of German Christmas Stollen bread
  • 2 types of Stonefruit coffee cake – one with cherries, one with peaches
  • 1 huge gingerbread cake
  • 3 batches of date cake
  • about 70 turnovers with raspberries and peaches (Yulia’s personal favorites. We forgot to take them with us though. Left them sitting in the garage…)
  • 2 banana cakes with banana cream filling and Portsmouth frosting (Same story with the frosting – left it sitting right next to the turnovers in the garage)
  • 2 Citrus Golden Ring Cakes with citrus frosting – This cake was everyone’s favorite. We saw the recipe in the Relish Magazine from the Sunday’s paper. It was very easy to make and it tasted very good. Just don’t look at the calorie count. :)

Jeff prepared four different types of coffee:

  • Holiday Blend
  • Peru Shade Grown
  • Rwanda Women’s Cooperative
  • Blackbird Blend

They were all really really good, rich in taste with various undertones, just a coffee lover’s paradise.

The Tazo teas provided nourishment for tea drinkers.

Another hit of the afternoon was the game of Bananagrams. It’s a very simple but fun game for anyone who likes words, puzzles, and just board games. If you are looking for a good present for someone, Bananagrams would be it.

All in all we had about 20 people that came. The event would have been even better if more people had come, of course. But we all had a very good time. We realize that there are many things we need to learn as we embark on the path of  running our own ministry.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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