Siberia, a Blessing.

Imminent. Return. Siberia!  Yes, Yulia and I long to return to Siberia.  I know what you’re thinkin’.  Who would want to go, much less return? Would you believe me if I told you, Siberia is a land of blessing? Can a curse in the mouth of one, be blessing in another?  Can stereotypes be overcome?  You know the Siberian stereotypes, “frozen”, “desolate”, “wasteland”.  Yes, Siberia can be a fickle lover, turning her ice-blade against you, and yet, oh the wide rivers, Lena, Yenisey, Angara, Selenga, flow bold, fast, dangerous and lovely.  They whisper, “there is a river called Life”.  Birch, Russia’s favorite tree turns gold in early September as sun sets toward winter, leaves glow on river’s bank.  Yes, it is sad to see the leaves flee so early, it burdens the Russian heart, yet, after the long ice season, late May when sap wakes to bud, to leaf white branches Oh!  The glory shocks your senses blasting your winter zombie state.  Brings to mind a tree of Life.

Siberia means “sleeping land”.  She has slumbered for centuries.  Awaken!  Awaken to blessing.  Wind of the Spirit, blow across Siberia, wake up the longing for blessing, the longing for mercy, may the understanding of forgivness bloom in hearts, the people be unafraid.  Blessing of the River of Life, flow into the land and burst forth in bloom, a curse no longer,  Siberia a Blessing.  We believe this blessing is imminent.  To flow in it, God willing, we return!

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